Impacting Movies






Without A Father - The Movie Trailer

Synopsis :

Joshua Taylor and Christopher Bauman are two young boys from separate worlds whose lives are thrust together and forever altered in an unexpected tragety. As Lucille Baumen raises the boys, major problems arise in the family. A devastating decision is made that changes the course of the family forever.


Years later, torn apart by anger, bitterness, and resentment, Joshua and Christopher begin seeking to fill the empty, fatherless voids in their unfulfilled lives.


Can reconciliation restore this family now? Or will it be to late?


Heartset - The Movie Trailer

Synopsis :

When the Lloyd family is abruptly torn by a heartbreaking decision from one of its family members, a whirlwind of events begin to unfold.


At the center of this tempest is Dan…the headstrong and youngest son of Jim Lloyd. Side-tracked by temptations, greed and the strong lure of a lavish lifestyle, Aunt Libby joins in an attempt to reverse the devastating situation.


This endearing family faces many tough choices which can only be resolved with love and forgiveness!